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You’re ready to start a new venture and you want to do it your way. You’re tired of the ‘girl boss’ culture and you’re ready to build a business being your authentic self. You don’t want to compromise who you are, what you want to be and you’re looking for someone who has your lived experience that can guide you. All of our work is done from a ‘human first’ approach that focuses on your story and how it connects with your audience.

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Our branding services are done with the strategy and approach that is thoughtful and appealing to your audience.

We help individuals and businesses create a compelling brand that makes powerful emotional connections to create social awareness, consciousness, and a sense of loyalty amongst their audience without betraying their ideologies or who they are. By working with us, we’ll help you create a brand that stands out in a social media driven landscape using the power of compelling brand stories and optimized digital experience for your audience. We’ll also help you uncover your passion through the creation of effective websites, social media engagements and many more!

Find below a list of our Branding services includes;
Brand Coaching & Consulting
Communication Plan Development
Website Creation
Branding Photoshoot
Social Media Audit & Training
VIP Package (includes all services above)

Brand Building Process

When branding is done the right way, it increases sales, generates more revenue, and creates consciousness about your services in the minds of your target audience.

From the planning stage to outlining your brand strategy, from creating your brand name, logo, website, and other graphic materials, we’ve created a smooth process that will make working with us easy and effective for you. Communications and marketing initiatives have changed substantially over the past decade. In-person marketing has been replaced by online communication platforms with social media being the leader in how brands communicate with their audience. We help our clients build their communications plans using the: 1|Business, 2|Branding, 3|Marketing (BBM) strategy that has proven to be successful when building a profitable socially conscious brand.

Step 1 - Business

The ‘business’ step involves the process of organizational planning which can include:

• Defining the organization's mission, vision, and values
• Proposed messaging, expectations, and defining its audience
• Analyzing the intangible assets of your organization’s identity
• Consider Membership and/or subscriptions
• Sales, revenue goals, and financial projections

Step 2 - Branding

This step is about how your audience connects with your messaging including the client and visual experience:

• Creating a new name that will better reflect the organization's identity
• Consider creativity, originality, and design consistency
• Visual brand i.e. logo, fonts, colours, symbols

Step 3 - Marketing

The final step of the BBM process is marketing and involves the channels that will be used to communicate with the audience including:

• Choosing the appropriate social media platforms and content creation i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
• Other marketing tools i.e. website, PR, video, email marketing
Michelle Osbourne

Make a Statement:

Don’t be afraid to build a brand that shows people exactly who you are! In today’s world more now than ever people are looking to connect with someone just like you. The more authentic you are with your brand the more people will trust, connect and continue to support you.

How awesome would it be to make money just by being yourself?

You don’t have to conform to have a successful business. Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?


Working with Michelle is hard work peppered with lots of fun. She knows her business and shares it with passion. Best experience ever!

Sylvie Piché
Sylvie Piché
Sports Psychology Consultant |

Michelle is one of my mentors that guided me through the brand building of my project platforms. I had the chance to be coached by her and I am grateful that she took the time to help me to build my own brand. After our coaching sessions I created my vision, mission and my purpose for my current projects and future ones.

Michelle is probably one of the mentors who change my life, my mindset, to be positive and more specifically she taught me the importance of branding. I would highly recommend her.

Cam Esther
Cam Esther
Creative Director, Loud & Proud

Working with Michelle has allowed me to develop the vision I had for my company in a clever and strategic way. Step by step, she helped me develop a clear service offering, definemy ideal customer base, and understand how to interact with them. She guides me through the social networks to promote my business, assists me in establishing my business plan and offers constructive feedback on how I communicate with my audience and market my services. In just three months of partnering with Michelle, I have gained more than 350 followers on my Instagram platform and found several contacts and contracts directly aligned with the short, medium, and long-term visions for my company.

Noémie Tisserant
Noémie Tisserant
La Yogi Communautaire