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Brand Builder, Confidence Crusader & Change Agent
Helping marginalized communities build socially conscious brands

“Speak your mind. Life is too short to leave important words unspoken.”
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If you know me already, then I’m sure you know that I like to say it as it is; loud, proud and unapologetically! I’m an outspoken social activist with passion and purpose to help other marginalized women and non-binary persons like me free themselves from the shackles of the system and societal norms, build their businesses, find their voice, and become the best version of themselves. Having defeated my own obstacles, moving from a corporate robot to a self-employed brand builder, I understand what it means to be stifled in a box.

Through my speaking engagements, I teach audiences how to use their lived experiences as super powers so that they can live their best lives and build a strong, influential socially conscious brand.


Brand Building

Working with me on speaking engagements about socially concious branding will avail your audience the opportunity to learn first hand from a person who puts humans first and understands their lived experiences. My branding speaking engagements are focused on helping aspiring marginalized women and non-binary entrepreneurs climb the ladder to their dreams by creating a socially conscious brand that goes against the grain.

From seminars to workshops, training, and many more, feel free to engage me on brandspeaking for any of these topics;

Building a Socially Conscious Community on Social Media
Brand Identity 101: 10 Steps to Building a Badass Brand
Branding Basics for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
The Importance of Social Media for Entrepreneurs
Communications Planning 101
How to Rock the Tok (TikTok that is)!

Social Activism

Invite me for your next educative and interactive session on how women and non-binary persons are changing the world through their confidence and courage. By working with me, your audience will get to learn how to own their power, take up space and create a positive impact in their communities by embracing their authentic selves.

Speaking engagements on social activism is bordered around the listed areas below;

Women Confidence & Courage
Radical Self Acceptance & The Body Positivity Movement
PHAT, Black and Sex Positive
LGBTQIA2+ Rights & Issues
Embracing Change & Self Reinvention
Intersectional Feminism

Race Education

Learning to be proud of who we are irrespective of our race is one of the biggest strengths we possess to make an impact in our world. My speaking engagements on anti-racism, anti-oppression, allyship and education focus on getting people to understand who they are, their lived experience with other races and find a way to work across the racial divide by exploring its diversity through these topics below;

Diversity, Inclusion & Literacy: Simple Ways to Explore Diversity at Home
Practitioners Youth & Race: How to Create a Safe Space to Talk About Race

Influencer Opportunities

Are you looking for the best opportunity to create your own business client community and develop a strong and sustainable relationship with them online? For those who know me well know that I’m obsessed with TikTok. I also have an engaged following on other social media platforms who celebrate difference, put human rights first and are on a journey to embrace being their authentic selves. Let me know how we can work together so that we can get your product, services, or ideas out there with a strong client base.

NOW Accepting requests for influencer opportunities


Working with Michelle is hard work peppered with lots of fun. She knows her business and shares it with passion. Best experience ever!

Sylvie Piché
Sylvie Piché
Sports Psychology Consultant |

Michelle is one of my mentors that guided me through the brand building of my project platforms. I had the chance to be coached by her and I am grateful that she took the time to help me to build my own brand. After our coaching sessions I created my vision, mission and my purpose for my current projects and future ones.

Michelle is probably one of the mentors who change my life, my mindset, to be positive and more specifically she taught me the importance of branding. I would highly recommend her.

Cam Esther
Cam Esther
Creative Director, Loud & Proud

Working with Michelle has allowed me to develop the vision I had for my company in a clever and strategic way. Step by step, she helped me develop a clear service offering, definemy ideal customer base, and understand how to interact with them. She guides me through the social networks to promote my business, assists me in establishing my business plan and offers constructive feedback on how I communicate with my audience and market my services. In just three months of partnering with Michelle, I have gained more than 350 followers on my Instagram platform and found several contacts and contracts directly aligned with the short, medium, and long-term visions for my company.

Noémie Tisserant
Noémie Tisserant
La Yogi Communautaire